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Thread: Bearing failure

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    Bearing failure

    Had bearings fail in my sc at 60 hrs and BRP response was thanks for your money good luck......they gave some bs about how the ski is riden depends how long bearings last????they can go at 10 hrs WTF...what ever happened to customer service??

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    Sounds like you got service alright! Lip service with a smile... Bearings are a wear item and cannot be covered under warranty because, well quite frankly, it really does depend on how they are driven... Although with a SC bearing, that's kinda ridicules! That's what is does... all the time... no matter what.... Stupid as that sounds, I am a warranty Rep for a heavy duty truck manufacturer. I see this all the time and unfortunately, I have to tell people the same stupid thing... Should it be that way? Hell no! But what are you going to do?

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    Take it to another place. It depends on the dealer you go to.

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    What year is the ski?. Warranty?

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    08 rxpx 12 month warranty only.......
    starting to sound like they know they have a problem and want to sweep it under the rug.
    we only have 2 dealers here in sa....

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    so what would it cause the bearings to fall apart exactly ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jean-Paul View Post
    so what would it cause the bearings to fall apart exactly ?
    I'm not quite sure,....but it sure aint pretty when the little [email protected]#$%&s do let go.

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