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    Shaving the head on a 787

    I like to know what is the amount that can be takin off the head without installing high performance heads, rings, or any other stuff that will cost to much. I know that you can change the gasket between the cylinder and the block but that would change the stroke of the piston height and where the RAVE exhaust.

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    20 thousandths is the most you can go I THINK. I ave it done on my 787.

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    can you do this and get away without rejetting it?? I know you can with some other 2 strokes but i wasnt sure on these.

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    I did not do mine.

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    So do you shave the head or the cylinder head. I notice that there is a lip on the head that sits in the gasket on the cylinder head and if you take that down 20 thous that would remove the lip by 50%. The machine shop wants $55 to shave the head and hone cylinders. I think the cylinder is a better choice. What do you guys think.

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    A machine shop is use to dealing with 4 stroke car heads that are a flat mill. When you mill a seadoo head or any other head you have to recut the squish band after you mill it or you can end up detoing the engine and that will cost more $$$$$. A good pwc mechanic like Group K or Perry Performance charges $90 bucks and they would do alot better job.

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    Thanks, I'll send them Group K

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