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Thread: 96 xp backfire

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    96 xp backfire

    I tried researching and its seems like everyone else who has this problem is in the water and im trying to start on land first, so i need to ask.
    I just got a 96 xp for free from a good family friend and has a rebuilt motor that has 16 hours on it. he gave it to me because he couldnt start it out of storage so he just bought a new one.Now when i try starting it it would just turn over at first, but now it backfires. my buddy said put some wd in the pistons and give it a shot but that didnt work.any suggestions?
    also how do you tell if it backfires through the exhaust or carbs?

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    New BR8ES spark plugs?

    Backfiring is mostly due to incorrect rotary valve timing. Be it from incorrect assembly or a stripped brass gear. There are other causes, but this would be the first place to look. You have to remove the intake manifold and carbs, but when removing the intake, stick your finger or a pencil through one of the ports to keep the RV stuck on it's gear. Otherwise, it will pull off with your intake and you will never know if the timing was off. You will need a degree wheel too and if you do a search others have posted one that is printable.

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    when this happened to me it was rectifier. its easy to test

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    well i pulled of down to the top of the carbs then put it back on, im guessing that is the intake. but now it stopped backfiring keeps turning over but wont fire. the plugs get wet and a little oily. i disconnected the fuel line that goes to the bottom of the carbs and the top and when i turn it over fuel dosent come out of either. does that sound right? also should there be a filter in the oil line?

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