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    8 pin mfd in a 1200 SLX

    I think there was a thread about this before, but I cannot seem to find it. I just bought a 8 pin mfd to put in my SLX. I am not going to buy the $100+ adaptor, I plan on cutting off the connector and soldering the wires directly to the mfd. I just need to know which wires go to which pins.

    If someone could help me out or link me to some information that would help me out, it would be great.

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    No need to be soldering to the MFD pins.

    You can buy the 8-pin Deutsch connectors online, or salvage one from any 8-pin Polaris

    Regarding pin connection mapping, that info is easily findable. Just need to go looking in the right places

    Tip: You can slide the existing pins with wires out of the old harness connector, and into the 8-pin connector. Takes a couple of minutes.

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    I informed him that I happen to have a 8 pin connector from a 95 SL750 laying in a box...

    He might just have a somewhat functional display later today. No more guessing how much fuel is left, peak RPMs, batt voltage, and speed. The trim might work too, so long as his 2000 SLX isnt the 'fast' trim type, as I would assume the ski his MFD is from has the 'slow' trim type.

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    I got a working mfd for the first time since 2 weeks after I bought my ski.

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    New Adapter.. $50.00

    In stock..

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