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Thread: 93 sl 750

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    93 sl 750

    I just traded my old beat up truck for a 93 sl 750. it has a rattling sound while it idles, i checked the impellor just by trying to move it. and also my machine seems to bog so i replaced the fuel lines and fuel filters. It never had any check valves or vacuum.
    It runs fine in my back yard now, no more bogging. There where only 3 houses coming off the fuel tank. THe back 2 on front left when you are standing in front of it. the front left had a T on it and one house just hung down with a screen on it, and the other went up to tank under the gauges. so i removed these line and plugged the one off the tank.
    And it runs good, but in my back yard lol.
    Ill admit i dont know much bout these things, but i am mechanically inclined.
    Any feed back would be great thanx!

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    93 polaris sl 750

    I just went and looked at my ski, and looking at the front of the ski, I got the lines wrong on the tank. The front 2 run to the on/off/reserve valve, and the back left runs to the fuel pump etc. The back right is the one that is plugged. Sorry, thanx again

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    Welcome to the Hulk.

    The rattling noise from the jet pump area is normal when out of the water. if it still makes that noise when in the water, there should be concern.

    Do not plug any hoses coming off the tank. There is a vent that needs to be open otherwise the fuel tank will pressurize and can force fuel through the carbs and into the motor.

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