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    Load rite double trailer fs located in CT

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    did you find a Triton?

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    No. I went to the dealer to clear a code and they had just taken in a 1yr old load rite on trade. It looked brand new. They gave me a good price on it so I went for it.

    There is nothing 'wrong' with this trailer. I just wanted a new one. I would have been content to continue using this one if I didnt get a great deal on a new one.

    It needs some very minor attention but it is structurally solid. My biggest complaint about this trailer (FS) is that there is no way to adjust the height of the bunks without changing the brackets. I didnt like the way my RXP sat on it. The shape of the hull brought it within inches of the fender and Im notorious for not strapping it down in the back so naturally it would move around a bit on the bunks. I didnt want to be bothered with with trying to change it. If you have GPRs or any other 2 seater skis, this will be a great trailer.

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    whats your zip code for mapquest

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    06516. I could be as much as six hours from you depending on how far north you are.

    I will drive out an hour to meet you at the border of CT/NY but thats the best I can do.

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    I looks like I have the same Load Rite as you with a GSX and XP...both sit fine...load rites are good in the same boat, looking for something newer, but not really looking that hard...what I really want is new winch stands like the ones you have on yours, the tilted type..but they are damn expensive!

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