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    Jet Ski Fishing CBBT

    I had some time this afternoon so I dropped my Yamaha SUV at Messick Boat Ramp in Poquoson Virginia around 1300 and headed out to the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel for some Togging. It was a pretty day in the bay, glassy with small swells so I was able to average 45 mph all day.
    I stopped briefly at the Fourth Island of the the CBBT and was suprised to see the seals still here. I then went and fished several piles around the High Rise and caught several Oyster Toads and one small Tog. I was using Green Crabs that I picked up from Pop's Bait and Tackle in Hampton, I also had some fidddlers. Later I moved over to Nautilus shoals and tried for some Red Drum using peeler crab . I had one good long run that did not stick and also caught a couple of Dog Shark. I was back at the ramp around 1900hrs. I would like to have stayed later and Drum fished more but you can not have a PWC out after dark. I traveled 42 miles and burned 8.7 gals. Another great afternoon, here are a couple of pictures.

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    Gotta love the oyster toads. We call them Toad fish here, pain in the ass nice pictures.

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    Oyster fish down here in the Gulf off LA.
    Why are you not using your fingers to hold it's mouth open......

    Is that an Atlantis Sharpnose? Looks like it. We catch them down here also. This is interesting to me seeing the same species here and there.

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