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    Inaccurate engine hours - failing to disconnect the battery

    I bought a used 2002 Polaris Virage 3 years ago. It had something like only 30 hours on it and was in great shape. I also bought a 2004 waverunner with 20 hours on it. (I did not get a manual with the Virage so I have had to search the internet on maintenance issues etc.) When I shut the Waverunner off the console also goes off. When I shut the Virage down the console does not turn off and continues to read the time and othe info. I called a mechanic at a jet ski rental place and he said that is the way it was supposed to work.

    The first winter I stored the ski indoors but foolishly did not disconnect the batteries. The next spring the Virage battery was dead. I replaced it. When I started it up the engine hours had gone from 34 hrsso ( I did not ride it much after I bought it) to 504 hrs

    three questions. 1) Is proper for console to not ever turn off when the battery is connected? If not what could be the issue? 2) Why would the engine use hours continue to increase if engine is not running? 3) Can I do anything to bring the hours back down to where they actually should be? Any advice or thoughts would be appreciated?
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    welcome to the hulk,

    what kind of virage? two cylinder-is it one carb? two carb? fuel injected? is it a 3 cylinder carb or fuel injected?

    on polaris they will alway show the time... but after a little while of no ativity it will go into sleep mode..but you will still be able too see the clock,

    as for your hours increasing, i have never herd of that, some time the displays will reset its self too 0 hours..

    i dont know enough too say for sure, but i would think that the emm or cdi is at fault for that,

    when storying your polaris in the winter you should alway disconect and remove your battiery and keep it in a semi warm space when not in use

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    The MFI display on the Virage (and all other Polaris with a digital LCD display) will always show the clock. The power drain from the clock function is very low, so it will not cause the battery to drain in a significant way.

    However, a normal lead-acid battery, just sitting by itself, will self-drain in a few months or less. If the battery is not young, it will self drain faster, a few weeks or less.

    What I suspect happened is that the battery slowly discharged. As the battery voltage drooped, the MFI began to spontaneously and repeatedly reset (reboot). This can cause weird effects with the tiny computer that runs inside the display.

    I have seen cases before where the hour meter would start running all by itself, even though the engine was off. Usually there was something unusual going on with the electrical system, like a bad ground, corroded wire connections or weak battery.

    For your purposes, the MFI hour counter is not resettable. Just keep track of the 470 hour difference between the displayed count and the actual hour count.

    Going forward, don't re-use that old battery. It has sat for months while fully discharged, so the remaining battery life is very little. A discharged battery that sits for a long time is further weakened by internal chemical changes, and re-charging does not reverse the damage.

    Buy a good quality factory sealed AGM battery, such as the Odyssey PC625, or the Deka ETX16LM.

    Not only are AGM batteries much better batteries overall, but an AGM battery does not self-discharge in a few months. In fact, after six months an AGM battery should still hold about 80% charge, even with the display clock running.

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    K447 that was very helpful. Thank you very much.

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