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    Remanufactured PWC Engines

    Remanufactured PWC engines have always been a reasonably priced alternative for the unlucky person who blows up an engine, but in today’s economy, they’ve also become a cheap way to get a tired, used boat back out on the water. I recently took a close-up look at the process of remanufacturing a PWC engine at SBT...

    Close-Up: Remanufactured PWC Engines

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    why do you keep spamming this site with your links? no one on this site gives a crap about sbt's process.

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    This is a PERFORMANCE forum, nobody cares about mediocre.

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    mabey sbt should check out some of the rebuild links on g.h. this way they could learn to do it right.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jet ski o'clock View Post
    mabey sbt should check out some of the rebuild links on g.h. this way they could learn to do it right.
    I thought pwctoday was just as good as here..........

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    Im rebuilding my sbt now, they are pure trash. There was enough silicon to build three car engines and still leaked. Hardly no hours until meltdown. My crankcase bolts fell out and were laying against the hull! DO NOT BUY SBT. If you need a cheap alternative try advance engine machine. He seems to know his stuff and is priced reasonable. I have never tryed but he did help me along with my build and gave me alot of good info. I believe his warranty is like theres also. Dont let those flunky mechanics do it. I had to spend days just cleaning up there mess. Read some threads on here and try to do it yourself, trust me you got a better shot even if you never changed a bike tire in your life. You could also buy you a chimp to do the work, got a better shot

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    "He’s got a point. And I’d have to say SBT’s got a good product. "

    "Would I put a SBT engine in a brand-new RXT or Ultra? Probably not."

    so what IS he saying ....

    like anything else on earth, you get exactly waht you pay for.

    I didn't know welding a crank was something you could patent either.

    Regardless of your opinion on SBT, they do have a place in the business.
    Just like generic motor oil, filters and butter have a place too. I have no problem using wal-mart butter to grease a pan to fry eggs, but my wife would never use to make a cake or cookies.

    While I have used SBT on customer jobs...I didn't jump right out and put one in my personal ski, so please don't label me as a fan boy

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    If they run their company like they run their forum,
    I would say SBT is nothing but a joke.

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    ill say it. i used an sbt engine. i have low hours on it but im happy with it. i figure its warrantied. like any time i put an engine in something i went over it before the install and made sure i did everything to spec. could you get a bad engine absolutely are they the best most likely not. but for a old pwc like i have is it worth it yes. you could go out and buy a brand new car and then engine could blow on the way home and dont tell me no way becuase it happened to my friend on a Nissan sentra.

    A shop wanted to charge me 1200 for a top end. i payed 1500 for all the tools gaskets and motor and a 2 year warranty. if the one the shop rebuilt blew up in 6 months i was out 1200. financially it makes more sense.

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