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    05 rxt driveshaft problem

    working on a customers ski. Driveshaft pulled out of prop. Almost like the driveshaft pushed forward over an inch.
    on the hlsm microfische it shows a stop sleeve in the output sleeve. if this failed would this allow the driveshaft to slide forward enough to pull the shaft out of the prop splines and hammer the prop?
    also wondering how to fix this.

    just seems like the driveshaft was able to move forward in the output sleve of the engine. allowing the drivesaft to pull out of the prop. also allowing the carbone ring not to seal. we are stumped. Also keeping in mind we are not the first to work on this ski. others have been working on it. so who knows.
    its an 05 rxt.

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    Check for broken motor mounts... mainly the front one This is very common when that mount breaks... as the motor shifts forward

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    Or, the bearings are wasted in the pump..

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    If it moved forward that much its time to check the thrust washers.

    Easy to tell if you have a look @ the oil filter.

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    Maybe wrong driveshaft? RXP and RXT are different - I don't know which is shorter

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    broken mounts. thanks

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