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    Help! Cant start engine on 260X

    Hi Guys!

    My 260x is about 10 hours. Problem was always bad start as from 3 cylinder. I changed sparkplugs and 2 days was ok. But today is not started absolutely check sparkplugs no fuel on it, but smell of fuel from exhaust. Starter is ok but cant start.

    Help please!

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    Any chance of something blocking your impeler?
    Does the engine turn when you hit start or not?

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    Australia mate fair dinkum.
    get a solid screw driver (longish), put in the drive coupler between the gaps, can you wind the motor over by hand. If you have spark and fuel and no warning lights its possible you have ingested water.

    loosen your supercharger belt all the way off, try to turn the motor again. If you have ingested water and not fogged your sc after every ride the sc will be seized, off to the dealer then for a clean of sc and ic. unless your good on the tools.

    even with one crook plug and or injector the rocket will still run, just it will run like a lumpy gpr.

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    from the broken english i read it as it turns over but wont fire sounds to me the standard hard to start 260 issue that kawasaki cant fix nor explain.
    if it has a decent spark on all plugs and sounds like it has fuel there should be no reason why it wont start other than a timing issue of which i seriously doubt. all other issues would produce a fault code. ihave seen plugs rust up within a week if the ski wasnt flushed correctly.

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