My "93 VXR Pro was running great the first 20 or 30 minutes off the trailer. Never had it full throttle but we were freestyling and doing alot of 360's. Pulled in for a short break and then came back to a dead ski. No nada! Nothing! No click, nothing on the gauge cluster, no power anything anywhere. Battery still had a full charge. Everything looked ok under the hood. I was able to keep my hand on the exhaust which was NOT hot at all thinking it may have overheated and shut down. Good thing there were three other skis to play with! So 4 hours later it was time to put 'em back on the trailer. Guess what, it fired right up so I took it out for about 15 minutes and all seemed fine. Just wondering what could have caused this to happen? Any ideas out there? Has anyone experienced this "TWILIGHT ZONE" effect?