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    OPAS Removal - RXT / RXTX - DAMN HOLE!!

    Got my RE Block Offs all setup and on the RXT X but what do you guys do with the extra water hose that supplies the OPAS ??

    I have the basic plug for the venturi but what do you guys use to block off the 1 1/8th inch hole in the hull??

    I would prefer to block it off than leave the the hoses in place and simply plug or cap off the hoses. Also, I am not going to glass the hole over just in case the wife REALLY like her OPAS and I have to put it back on.

    SO ... in short ... 1 1/8th inch hole in the hull ... What can I use as a plug??


    Mark aka PAY2OWN

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    just go to h depot plumbing dept, and get a rubber plug that fits,buy a stainless steel hose clamp,and you're done.

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    That means keeping the old crap in its place ...

    I was looking for a cleaner finished product.

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    Use the rubber gasket as a template. Make a blockoff plate that sits snug inside the gasket, ideally the plate should be 1/8 to 3/16 of an inch thick.Drill the plate to suit the original screw fixing holes. Use a sealant (I think you guys use Right Stuff) between plate and gasket and gasket and hull and fix to hull with original screws. For the plate I cut up a blade off an oar (nylon/plastic) as it was all I could find in the garage at 2 in the morning but it worked and the job was done.



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    I`ve completely removed one of the hoses of the fitting inside the hull and looped the other hose around and connected it to the fitting on my T-X. You can route the hose around the back of the fitting so it`s out of the way. Works for me.


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