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    Exclamation Going Premix question

    I decided to go premix on my 1995 Polaris 750 sl. Today I removed the oil pump and stopped there since Im still awaiting the block off plate in the mail. However this part was behind oil pump (see picture). Am I suppose to leave it in or remove it? Since its sole purpose appears to have been to power the oil pump I would think it alright to remove. However, I would be guessing and its best to ask those who would know for sure. Thank in advance.
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    Yes, remove the gear. Leaving a non-functioning gear installed is only asking for a problem.

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    Use 40/1 ratio for the mixture concentration of gas to 2-stroke oil . 3.2 oz's per gallon gas.. Use a high quality oil. don't skimp on it. it protects your engine!

    1 qt of 2-stroke oil to 10 gallons gas. If your ski is filled with gas already and you remove the oil system, the gas in the fuel lines and the seperator dont have any oil in them! remove the seperator, dump it out and add some of the mixed oil/gas in it. Maybe add a tad of oil down the carbs until the new mix gets in there.

    If you dont know how much fuel is in the tank, you can either siphon it out in jugs and add oil accordinly. Or, you could fill the tank till almost full then add the oil that way. You just need to know how much gas your tank holds.

    A 94 sl 750 holds 9.8 gallons including the reserve tank. A slt hold 11 gallons.

    so 9.8(gallons) times 3.2oz oil/gallon = 31.36 ounces or 1 qt. (32oz's) a little extra wont hurt.

    and 11(gallons) times 3.2 = 35.2 oz's. your bumming,,your buying 1 more quart!

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