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asking the question just so it is here...

Is there a reason the idle is higher than stock ECU? Not an issue, just asking...
Good question

Do you mean higher when on the flusher hose or higher in the water.

Either way the answer is the same
The idle is controlled by the electronic throttle
There is a function in the software that allows for idle control
This function allows you to put in an aim idle and have the software control the throttle closed loop to achieve that desired idle speed.
The function works by utilizing a PID algorithm
The tuning of the PID is not easy and once set usually only suits a particular combination of hardware, ie supercharger, cam profiles, intercooler.
Therefore I elected to leave the whole closed loop idle control turned off so that 1 file would suit more different combinations of parts and with out the fear of the engine stalling etc.

So currently I have the butterfly set at one position when your finger is off the throttle, 6%
This is relatively easy to adjust if you have the software and wish to play.