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    Sea Doo Nooby, 96 GTX questions......

    Hello all. My buddy just dropped off a 1996 GTX that is pretty beat up and has been neglected for many years. It was given to him, but he is not mechanically inclined to figure out what is wrong with it. I worked on it for about an hour, and found the motor is locked up. Pulled the heads and found one piston down, looks like it make have lost the ring locating pin and it was bouncing around up top. Not sure on that, but do know it's locked up and will need to be yanked out and opened up.

    Questions I have is the ski even worth the time and effort. Like I said, it's pretty beat up. It would need to be completely gone through, and may be worth more in parts than trying to get it running. Looks like on ebay, a motor goes for about 500 bucks. Is this ski worth anything parting out? What's the consensus been with this motor as far as failures? Can I get it going with a cylinder and a couple of pistons and a head, or is the crank likely to be damaged as well? Electrical problems??

    Bottom line, i'm trying to get a feel for what i should do with this thing. Thanks.

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    I've done a little digging around in the ski since i've gotten it. I can definately see the fuel lines are going to need to be replaced, carbs pulled and cleaned, the normal stuff. Not sure what i can do with the heads though. The one dome is beat up pretty bad. Either i would need a new head, or buff off the sharp points on this one. Don't know if that would still create hot spots however.

    How robust are the electrical systems on these. I'm afraid to spend money on the motor, to find out the main ignition systems have issues....

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    with out the ski running, it will be hard to tell if it has a electical problem. most of the time this is not a issue. if you put a battery on it and hit the start button with the key off, you should get gauges/lights. if they dont come on or they go crazy, that is not a good sign.

    basically, you need to decide if you want to put the time, effort, and money into the ski. some people will others wont. those who dont usually part them out. its up to you.

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