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    SL650 / SL750 Partout NEED IT GONE!

    I have a 93 SL650 that is being parted out.

    I have all of the hull parts still, the stop switch, start button, throttle cable, etc...
    Heres some more common parts that I have left...
    PM me with what you want, and where you want it to go. I will give you a shipped price, or you can suggest one.

    Two 95 750 Heads (Higher compression)
    One 93? 750 Head (5-10psi lower compression)

    SL650 Exhaust Manifold With Gasket

    6 Vein Pump from a SL650 (Coated in oil from the exhaust, makes it look like orange peel in some areas)

    650 Driveshaft

    93 650 Flywheel (Analog)

    650 Water Rail With Temp Sensor

    Polaris Bendix

    95 750 Flywheel (Digital)

    Exhaust Hose from a 93 SL650

    Fuji F/A Filter Mount

    Hollowed out thermostat

    93 SL650 CDI + Coils + E-Box (I have two solenoids as well)

    Tripple Outlet Fuel Pump (Nearly New)

    93 SL650 Dry Pipe

    95 SL750 Stator (Need to Ohm Test)

    Oil Pump (Non-Variable) With Injectors/Intake Manifold

    Good Starter

    Bedplate (With Bolts and Ground cable)

    780 Carb Rack (Jetted for a 95 SL750, Have stock jets)
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    Engine is pending...
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    I sent you a pm. Let me know if you still have it.

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    Replied to all PM's...

    Still have almost everything.

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    Crankcase, crank, pistons and jugs are gone.

    I will take pics of what I have left to get rid of. This includes...

    95 750 Stator
    95 750 Flywheel
    93 650 CDI
    95 750 CDI
    93 650 Electrical Box
    95 750 Electrical Box
    Pump from a 93 650
    TDR Carbon Reeds/Cages/Stuffers
    Oil Pump
    Intake Manifold
    96 780 Carb Rack
    Fuji Bedplate

    And all the other random hull components, oil tank, gas tank, seat, bars, plastics, buttons, etc...

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    First Post Updated With PICS!

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    Initial post updated, all sold items removed.

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