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    Toothy Critters= Dinner For Me!

    With the forcast calling for wind later today I decided to trailer over to Lynhaven Inlet in Virginia Beach instead of crossing the Cheasapeake Bay. I stopped at Oceans East on North Hampton and picked up some live crabs and more hooks, it is a "have it all store" and a great crew of guys running it. I then dropped at Crab Creek boat ramp around 0800 and headed straight for the third island of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel and worked some of the piles with no luck so I headed to the fourth island and managed to pick up four Tau Tog around the piles of the bridge. I kept one at 17 and a nice 21 incher. It was not fast and furious but I will have a good Tog dinner tonight. I caught some on hard crab and the 21" on a fiddler. Winds were East at 5-10 when I left and a steady 15 when I got back around 1230. I stopped in at Crab Creek Pizza right by the ramp and got a small pizza pie for the ride home to Poquoson, great way to finish the day and I can't wait to get out and do it again. Here are some of the pictures I took while I was out.

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    Damn that pizza looks good.

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    I can tell you are a man who loves to fish.
    Those Tautogs have got some real choppers...

    Largemouth Bass are waking up here in Florida,
    I caught 9 or 10 on Friday, all top water action.

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    What lake in central floirda YoYamma? My in laws live off a lake in clermont. I live up in Jacksonville, mainly river and offshore here. Cobia should be coming by 1-3 miles offshore here any day now.

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    i love catchin tautog, great tasting too, i usually fish the 3rd island, have great luck there, never done it on my ski though

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