That's all I was able to put on the machine over a 3 day span. Sad to report that the new 260iS I bought hasn't run right from the start. The mechanic can't find anything visibly wrong either. It keeps putting up a P1658 error code. It blew one of the SC hoses off in the first 20 minutes, then he fixed it. After that, it lasted only a minute before going into Limp mode. He tried other sensors and basically tore down half the ski to get to the intake to see if it was cracked. He put it back together and it ran fine...or so we thought. I took it out again and after about 20 minutes, it started losing power to the point where it took full throttle to plane out, so I brought it home and researched how to look up an error code. The ski is in Limp mode again.

Thoughts? Basically I told the dealer to give me another ski and that's what's supposed to happen. They have been first class all the way with me. Just bummed that it seems I possible bought a dud. I hope that's not the case.