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    '96 SP nozzel adjustment

    In the chop about 60, The SP wants to porpoise. Can I buy a part to lower the nozzel angle to correct this and from whom? Thanks!

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    get a drop nozzle kit or install vts. I just installed the vts system with the cable from a 94xp on my spx. I feel its a lot better than the vts box in the back of the boat. a lot less failure.

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    or, just thought of this. get the rear nozzle setup from an hx.
    its manualy adjustable trim. just turn the knob for up or down adjustment.
    just downside is its not adjustable while riding.

    there is the link to whats needed.

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    find a 95XP pump extension that will help the purposing issues and trim tabs also...not trying to bust your balls but a SP doesnt run 60. more like 45

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    Its had some alterations, 90 hp, swirl, ect ect.

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    hopin some of those alterations is a 720, or a 657x. not gona squeeze the hp out of the 580 that comes in an 96 sp and get 60mph.

    hope the trim mods i listed were of some help.

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    the HX and SPI each had manual adjustments for the trim not sure on the SPX or XP for that year (may have had VTS) either way a pump ext. is gonna help alot, and trim tabs and beachhouse or works sponsons. i notice some porposing relife by adding sponsons but it was minimal.

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    Man, I should read more carefully. I missed the whole part about going 60 in the chop.

    Perhaps that is KPH.

    Anyway, you can shim your stock trim tabs (put half SS washers between the tap and the hull on the rear side of the bolts), or you can pay for aftermarket tabs.

    I had a '95 XP with the pump extension and there is a reason why it was not continued on the '96 XP. Mainly the fact that it did not work.

    I found two things that did help with the porpoising. One was shimming the tabs (and they will do it at any speeds, mythic or otherwise). The other was to sell it and get a bigger boat...

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    or just ride it in the surf or a real tight bouy course where you don't need top speed. a drop nozzle and sponsons work great.
    i love my x4 hull.

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    i'm not so sure the sp had the trim tabs. could be wrong tho.

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