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    msx150 wastegate solenoid

    HI, I am the new owner of a msx150. Was having rev limiter issues and brought ski to polaris dealer. The computer showed code for wastegate solenoid. Question is, what is the easiest way to disconnect/connect the hose that goes to the banjo fitting on the compressor? Seems impossible for me to reach.


    John B

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    One of the other MSX 150 or MSX 110 owners will respond soon enough, I expect.

    In the meantime, have you looked through and searched the MSX/Matrix forum?

    You may also find some useful info in the link below.

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    Thanks for the help.. I reviewed the service manual and searched the msx/matrix forum without any success..

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    I think I may be an idiot... I was looking on the bottom of the compressor and the banjo fitting is on the outside below the original solenoid.. Did not realize the hose went down and around the compressor...

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    Do you have the newer updated solinod? Also does your wastegate move freely?

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    I just bought one and it rev's up to 7600-7800 and appears to be bumping the rev. limiter. Where is the wastgate and the solenoid valve?

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    I am installing the updated solenoid and want to know the easiest way to install the new hose from the solenoid to the turbo.... Any pics and suggestions would be appreciated..

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    I found a few pictures on eBay of various parts that may help you out. It sounds like your old style solenoid has failed and you are replacing it with new style.

    The new style is attached to the valve cover on turbo side of engine. It is circled in the attached picture. In the same picture the hose that is visible and runs from the valve to the black ball looking thing is the waste gate actuator, the other end of it is the internal wastegate and is also where it tends to freeze.

    The picture of the turbo has the old style solenoid mounted directly on the turbo. The solenoid and the banjo connector you are trying to reach/disconnect, the hose that wraps around the turbo probably does not need to be disconnected from the turbo. It is probably long enoungh to reach the new solenoid in the new location.

    To gain access to the forward facing/inlet side of the turbo, I suggest disconnecting the intercooler inlet and outlet hoses, remove the two bolts that secure it to its mounting bracket and then push it forward and to the right of the engine compartment. This will give you enough space to access the old solenoid valve and hoses with a minimum amount of blood loss.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CTpolaris View Post
    I am installing the updated solenoid and want to know the easiest way to install the new hose from the solenoid to the turbo.... Any pics and suggestions would be appreciated..
    There usually isn't any problems with using the old hose...the one in the upgrade kit is the same as the original hose.

    What I did was just use the original one on the new solenoid, and have been fine since!

    Happy jetting!

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    Hi Rocky,

    Long time no post, How is it all going?

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