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    2004 RXP with slight cavitation.

    I just bought a used 04 RXP with 45 hours and I feel some slight cavitation. I called a member and got alot of great advice. I have a new prop, prop tool, wear ring and a new intake shoe/boot coming. Never knew about the shoe/boot until he told me to look at it. It appears that the boot replace will be a pretty good job. I looked and all 8 of the fins are still there, but all are also broke slightly on the back side nearest the prop. The member that sold me the parts said that can cause cavitation. Boat is stock, so let me know what yall think!!!

    Thanks, Bryan

    PS. Do see some slight prop damage on the edges and I am sure the wear ring has some also. I am going to attempt the repair myself, so trying to get my education here asap. This is a great site and feel you guys can help me a ton.

    PSS. I also see all the SC talk, so I quess that will be next. I am thinking someone should come out with an exchage on these SC deals. Send the customer a rebuilt SC and charge them a core charge. When you get the core back and its nice enough then refund them the deposit/core charge.

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    Have the ski fixed now. Some things to consider when buying used: I replaced:

    Wear ring
    Supercharger rebuild
    Large O-ring between ski and pump
    Grinded shark teeth
    Carbon Seal and boot.

    Now she is a rocket!!!

    Thanks, Bryan

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