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    Considering a purchase of 2007 F-12X leftover

    First off, new to the scene. Rode a Yamaha GP800R several years back...wasn't mine though, just a friends. I have never owned a PWC. The bug has bit though! Selling my 1992 300ZX TT.....and purchasing a turbo PWC. Looking forward to the challenges and fun that it will provide!

    First off, looking at a 2007 F-12X leftover PWC (Orange/Black). Current price is ~ $6500 out the door. Will be paying half cash, half financing....maybe full cash though. Do I have any bargaining leverage to bring the price down any? Is this a competitive price to begin with? Should I ask them to include the boarding step for free? Never negotiated on a PWC before.

    Any help with what to ask for before/during/after purchase? Thanks! Look forward to discussing more Honda PWC topics in the very near future!

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    i got one of the 07 and and i love it that wat i had to give for mine tryed to get them throw a cover in and they sad they cant do it i got them to knock of 20 bucks on it and the life vests they said that was the best they could do let me know how it turn out

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    That's a good price for the ski, just don't let them sucker you into hidden fees, a trailer should be 750 to a grand, I'd try to find one used if you plan on getting another craft in the future.

    I've got an 05 R-12x bought in 07 as a left over... at that time they were 6999, they are great ski's, reliable and awsome on gas consumption (12.7 gph vs the new high output ski's of 20+ gph at WOT).

    I think the honda's need a little more post ride maintance than most, but all ski's could probably benefit from what I do to my honda after every ride.

    CRC-656 in a spray can, basically anything metal spray it, it's an anti rust/corrosion prohibitor. Engine, pump, all over... then you are supposed to flush after every ride. It takes about 10 minutes when you get home...

    The Honda covers are expensive, but mine has held up pretty well.

    When Honda came out they were asking roughly 10,500 per ski, that's why they aren't throwing anything extra in. It's not the fastest, but would be an awsome first ski, plus the three seater is nice, my R-12x can get pretty unstable with two on it, or heck even when the foot wells fill with water, my only gripe, but blip the throttle and it flows right out the back!

    Welcome to the forums! You found a great community of users. Ton's of great info on here!

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    That;s how much I ended up paying for mine back in March. 6500 + 500 for a 2010 trailer (trailer was used surprisingly.)

    I could have gotten a better deal if I was willing to drive 14 hours to get it. Not worth the 500 I could have saved for that long of a drive.

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