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    First Ride of the Season--Surging

    Ok all,

    end of last year, I smoked the mag and had to bore and replace .25 up. So M+.75, C and P +.5. New Flame arestors, went 1/4 up on highs and lows to see what the FA's did.

    Was breaking in and choose to do the race course method. (slow, fast, slow , fast,etc) but did not open her up until the very end. Most of my runs were 2500 up to 4000 then back down.

    After about 45 min of this type of running, I noticed that if I tried to hold 4000 rpm i would feel a slight surge/pulsing. Not noticable if the engine was under acceleration (not a miss)

    I realize I am still at 32:1 and probably should not be looking for end all numbers, but was feeling really good.

    Hole shot is strong to a little rich, top end is rich across

    6060 at 51.4 on the D-O-M and plugs look like they have good color.

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    With your F/A's, normally 1/2 turn out on the highs should work. Wouldn't really affect low screws.

    Surging is normally caused from a lean condition.

    Even when you're running 32:1, you're technically "leaner" when set to factory specs because of the additional oil in in the fuel.

    So you're surging around 4000 RPM, not at WOT, right? What size is your pilot jet? What's your pop offf set to?

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    Ok, I get it on the oil mix, it sure was smoking a lot more, once I finish this tank will be the test.

    I will have to search back. I went 2 sizes up from stock when I rebuilt it the last time and (pulling #'s out of my a$$, 95 is stock, up to 105). I have never tested pop-off. I need to do that. When I rebuilt the carbs, I used the middle spring of the three that the kit came with.

    Once I finish this tank of fuel (32:1) and go back to 40:1, I will see what the pistons look like and see if I have any wash forming.

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