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    Been On The Sea, Steering Question

    Well im now even more in luv with my ski, the sea outing was wicked ive joined a club and now every weekend ill be on the ocean yeah baby yeah make ya laugh my membership number is 007, im now know as Bond, James Bond

    Here's my steering question, when hitting waves etc i feel like there is a juder in the steering ie movement up and down only some play but no alot

    I look under the front storage lid at the linkage and it looks like th emovement is under the MFD rubber boot section, is this the norm or shoudl it be tight ie no movement up and down can it be adjusted etc?


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    Just make sure bolt # 25 properly aligned and is nice and snug.

    Other than that, you should have a little slop. The handlebars only ride inside nylon bushings, not bearings.

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    Cheeers buddy I'll take a look today

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