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    Need help with a steering cable on a 96 SPX

    I just picked up my first jet ski. the guy i bought it from said that the steering cable broke on both ends. He said that he had a new cable run through the ski but not hooked up. the cable in the boat does not look to be new by any means. it is disconnected at both ends. i was wondering if anyone could help me with what the connections on each end of the cable go. i have a bag of parts and i have an idea how it all connects but im not 100% sure. i feel like i may be missing something. if someone could get me pics of a system all together that would be great. i am looking for a pic of where the cable attaches to the handle bar column under the hood, where the cable runs through the hull in the engine compartment and where the cable attaches to the steering nozle on the pump.

    any advice or help would be awesome as well.

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    Check the stickies. You can download free service manuals . The manual has a pretty good diagram. I personally don't have pics to share.

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    did you ever get your steering cable replaced?
    i have a 96 xp, and my cable bent and is all messed up right at the nozzle connection.
    I need to replace it. I'm just wondering do i have to remove the whole pump to gain access to the end of the cable connected to the hull??


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    There is a nut inside the hull that loosens the thru hull rod. Remove the
    steering ring bolt with two 10mm wrenches, then the Hime connector as it will not
    fit thru the hull opening. On the outside of hull is a stainless ring you pull back
    and remove the "Split Nut". Pull cable into the compartment. Take out front basket
    and you have a 1/2 flange with two bolts secure the adjuster cable end to the
    steering column. It has a "no brainer" adjust ment nut there so you can align the
    nozzel & steering handlebar after you install & secure the new cable. Bills86e

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