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Thread: $tec question

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    $tec question

    Hello all, its been a while since I have been on here. I bought a 02 gtx off a freind of mine 2 years ago with a blown head, any how I finally bought a used 4tec from some one. I was wondering while the engine is still out of the ski, should I do anything to it like change the oil, do I need to lubricate anything and is their any other areas that need fluid changed. I tried putting this in the tech area but it says I dont have permission. Any help would be great. Thanks

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    whys the motor out

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    The original motor had sever head damage, I tried finding some one to rebuild it but had no success, so I sold it to sbt and finally found a used motor, the engine has been sitting out side for a while, its in great shape but I don't know too much about it, so I just don't want to throw it in and go for a ride.

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    To be honest I know nothing about these things, this is my first one, any help would be great, I cant wait to be able to ride this year,

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    What year is the motor you bought? Is it supercharged? Ceramic washers in it? If it is supercharged and older than 08, there is a lubrication for the supercharger upgrade quite a few people have been doing.

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    Non super charged, I beleive its on 02, its the exact same one as the old one, 155 NA

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    If it's been sitting outside - first thing I would do is make sure nothing crawled up inside.

    Does it still spin over or did it seize?

    Also double check the year - it should actualy be stampped on the engine - bottom towards the front. Different years had different quarks.

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    My dad put the drive shaft in the pto and it does turn over, but its hard to move it, not that it wont go but its tight, im gonna go check the year now

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    hope no water got in the motor from sitting outside. was it wraped up really good

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    Im not really sure, the serial number plate says 01/2002, I bought the motor from a guy off ebay, I bought 2 actually, I got this one which he said he got from a dealer, dont remember the name and another one which came from a sunk ski, what would you guys recommend me do to insure this motor is good, I checked the oil, it seems a little milky to me but my dad says its good, when you do turn the shaft you do here the compression

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