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    need a motor what can i use

    new here, just joined, spent some time reading the last few weeks. havent come up with an answer to my first question. i just got 2 polaris skis on a trailer (at a farm equipment auction) got a decent deal the 98 sltx works good but the 98 slh was missing the motor, tracked it down but its missing a few things and been in a box for a few years. i was told by the owners it has a cracked block. needs a full rebuild at the least. so i've been looking online for a complete motor to drop in and long story short. what years and models can i get a 700 twin from that will more or less drop into the 98 slh. i found a motor that says its from a 02 freedom (i think friend told me about it) wondering if this will get my ski up and running. reason im looking for a complete motor is i can probably buy a motor for about what it cost to rebuild what i got but maybe not if i have a cracked block like im told. also im in ontario so parts and things arent as easy to come by as some other places. any help much appreciated

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    Buy a premium reman. engine from S.B.T. no fuss & a 2 year no question asked warranty, If your just looking for a decent motor to just drop in.
    just my 2 cents.

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    Welcome to the Hulk

    Where in Ontario?

    The Freedom motor will fit. So will any other year SL700, SLT700, Virage (700).

    Polaris used a different ignition system prior to 2000. After 1999, they are all Gen III ignitions.

    The older non-Gen III versions were not reliable, so there is an Ignition Update Kit from Polaris that retrofits into the 1996-1999 motors.

    What is important is that the CDI and the magneto stator be from the same generation.

    The Freedom motor would have a Gen III stator, and so will any 1996-1999 motor with an Updated Ignition.

    Your SLH electrical box will have either the original CDI, or the Update CDI. The part number on the CDI module inside the electrical box will tell you which version it is.

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    thanks a bunch for the quick replies.

    K447: i live around owen sound, but im working in orangeville for a few weeks. if you know a place thats good to deal with in the area or somewhere to find parts that would be cool. cant seem to find too many motors for this slh

    have contemplated buying a new motor from a few places but i thought i could get a motor thats on ebay for alot less and take a chance on it being ok. thanks for all the help so far, i am aware of the updated ignition from my reading here gonna check soon to see if mine have been updated.

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    With some extra effort, you can drop a three cylinder red Polaris motor in there
    900cc, 1050cc, or even 1200.

    The front engine mounts would need to be re-located forward. You would need the three cylinder intake and exhaust sections, of course.

    The electrical wiring is very similar. You would need a three cylinder CDI and three ignition coils.

    You already have a three cylinder SLTX, so you have something to compare and copy.

    Change the impeller, and away you go.

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    my ski has thrust vectoring......does yours??? killcraft's Avatar
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    this website will give you usage of all parts search for your ski then bring up the parts microfiche then to the right of the part number is usage click that and it will tell you what skis that part was used on. very helpful when trying to find used parts.

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