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    2002 gtx 4tec compression

    what should the compression be on a good 02 4tec non super charged NA motor. thanks

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    Ok so I did a compression test, # holding at 150, #2 #3 holding closer to 180, mind you the engine is cold and has been sitting for a bit, I used an extra battery for one of my mowers to jump it, the battery is in good health, Are these numbers normal. Thanks

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    over 200. Your not supposed to jump start a seadoo. Do it and you might find out why. 2 amp charger is all they recomend. If you want to get it running get a battery and warm it up then check the compression. IF you tear it down for 150 and it turns out it was just a lack of battery and warm oily cylinder walls. You wont feel very well. It will run with that compression but not if it cant turn over at the right speed and still have enough to run the Fuel pump injectors and ignition

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    I spoke with the dealer earlier and they told me between 150 to 170 should be good, he could not remember since its been a bit since hes work on these, I didnt jump it I used the battery to direct power the starter

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    is their any way to run it when its not in the ski, I dont want to put it back in, to take it back out if theirs a problem

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    150-170 is good for a 215 or 185 but not a 155 or 130.. I am the tech at A dealer and do this week after week after week. I cant tell you for sure if it can be done out of the ski but if your slick I bet it could be done. I can tell you from experience say no to SBT. All I can say is a 4 tec should last more than 45 min.

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    Didnt get it from sbt, oh no too many horro stories, bought it from a guy off ebay. What would you recommend, do you think their is something up or should I throw it in and let it run for a bit, mind you I have no Idea about these im just getting into the seadoo world, but I am pretty hand when it comes to anything man created

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