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    Sujest a performance package for me?

    I got my new 2010FZS last week and have finished running it in.

    Its a awesome machine but I want to get it running better, not just top end but with alot more holeshot/mid range as well.

    I ride in mostly average choppy water/surf riding so low to mid 70's will be more than enough for me ATM but want alot better acceleration than stock.

    I was thinking of getting these parts from Greenhulk store this is what I think I will need and please add your comments from experience please.

    1: r&D intake grate. (for safety)
    2: R&D stage 1 kit with C1 wheel.
    3:Pump sealkit.


    1:Riva stage 1 kit.
    2: C1 or c3 or b1 wheel to suit,
    but then if I drop the bigger wheels in will it cavitate on take off? or what pitch prop would fix that problem?

    Would a b1 wheel be to big for standard ECU or would I be best to go a c1 or c3?

    or sujestions on the parts to order to get the ski with heaps better hole shot/mid range with say 5 mile improvement top end with little cavitation and standard ECU.

    Cheers for your sujestions everyone.

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    get that intake grat ASAP . . . before you go back out, on the ski !!!!

    just had a member/ buddy . . get tossed and broke his ankel . . there have been more severe and not as severe cases . . but that was just one instance of an over stuff. .


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