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    720 jetting question

    I'm helping a friend out setting up his 95 xp. It has a stock motor with a carbon tech rv for low end. He has f/a, and a factory pipe. Said the motor is all stock SBT rebuild. He has other mods as well but no more motor mods. What should he start the jetting at to air on the side of caution not to blow it up? I've never done a 720 and have no idea where to start. Thanks for the help

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    Yes I do believe thats the pipe. I forget what jets he has in it now but I know he has f/a on it so the jetting should change from what FPP says, I just do not know where to go with it. I'm sure I could throw big jets in it to start fat and come down slowly but I'd rather if someone knows about where I can start to fine tune it in.

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