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    Question Do I plug the oil holes on the bottom of the OE air box?

    Hey guys... new here but a very long time owner and lurker. Bought my 1999 GP1200 new in 2000 and am finally having to play mechanic.

    In the process of rebuilding the carbs, and after tons of reading on here I'm going to do most of the recommended steps... Remove choke plates, oil pump, and add a primer kit.

    I think I have most everything researched, but as I'm thinking the reassembly through have come up with a question. I don't have the money now for F/A's so I'm going to keep the OE air box for now. When I remove all the oil lines from the underside of the air box, do i plug the oil holes? It's unfiltered air but considering the OEM really is not a filter I'm guessing it will be ok?

    Thanks in advance to the many who provide wonderful write-ups and advice here. (ie. Bill)

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    Yep your fine =0)

    you don't have to plug them...

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    Thanks... i thought I was on track.

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