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    720 Stock head compression 150?

    Hey guys I dont normally post over here more on into stand ups but would like to clarify that a good 720 motor has at least 150 psi per cylinder with less than a 10% variance between cylinders.

    also would a ski with 135 per hole be needing a rebuild soon?

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    on the 720, yes you are correct.

    the 135 would depend on what motor. a 951 thats about normal. for the smaller motors, as long as its above 110 and (the most important thing) within 10%, it should be ok.

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    Ive seen SBT 657x motors come new with that low of compressing rebuilt. So I assume when they bore them you might loose a little comp.

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    A stock 717 is more like 140 so 135 is fine. There are too many variations in battery strength, guages, and location to worry too much over 5 or even 15 psi versus what you read on the boards.

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