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    Winter mods... Almost done! 96XP

    So, I have been lurking here for almost a year, chirping in every now and then. Figured I might as well chime in with what I am working on at the moment.

    Heres my 1996 XP 800.

    Originally had some issues with the rectifier right when I bought it. Learned quick and hard how to work on these things. Replaced all the grey fuel lines, replaced the bellows on the raves and rebuilt the carbs in August. Then finally found the rec was the issue.

    Over the winter, I decided to fix a few of the things that bothered me with this ski. The OEM floor pads were rolled and slick, so I replaced them with Hydroturf. I also ordered a new seat cover from them as well which I have yet to receive... Ordered it with black, yellow, white and carbon fiber vinyl.

    I also managed to score a pretty good deal on a UMI steering system. One of the local independent shops had one out of a wrecked 96XP and it was missing some parts and the bearings were blown out. I picked up the column for $75 and called UMI. Pat over there managed to dig up the rest of parts I needed for a $100. And I had the bearings that I needed at work. So managed to get a UMI steering system for $175.

    I am waiting on the missing dash plate and pitman arm on the UMI steering, so the pics show the steering mocked up. I am running a set of Fly handlebars and ODI grips. I can't believe the difference the UMI is compared to the stock setup in terms of how fluid and wobble free it is. It drove me nuts that I could hear a clunking noise in my steering when I was riding and how loose it was. Just mocking it up I could tell a major difference.

    I chose to keep the thumb throttle and stock housings for everything. I had a couple of blocks made up to seal off the stock housings out of aluminum. I knew a few people in the tooling industry and have some CAD skills from back in college, so I drafted up the drawings and sent them out to get CNC'd. They are a press fit and have set screws drilled into them to secure to the bars. I need to get some grommets for them next time I remember, but they really clean up the handlebars.

    As for the trailer, when I bought it, the trailer was in pretty rough shape, chipped and peeling. So I broke the whole thing down, knocked off all the rust and loose paint, scotchbrited the entire frame. Painted all major components with a couple coats of the Duplicolor bed liner stuff for pickup beds and all the attached pieces with Tremclad black. Replaced the fenders with a couple off the shelf dealies from Princess Auto (the Canadian equivalent to Harbor Freight for the Yanks ) and reassembly it.

    anyhoo, I attached pics of before and after. Let me know if any one has any suggestions on what I should tackle next.
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