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    2002 Kawasaki 1200 STX-R

    What is your guys' opinion of the 02 Kawi 1200 STX-R? I found one with 90 hours on it that appears to be in pretty clean shape. Asking price is 3500. What do you think of the ski? How's the price look?



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    These are the numbers right out of Kelley Blue book for that craft so you can ascertain from these

    Trade-In Value (Good Condition) $2680
    Suggested Retail Value $3920

    I had this boat for 3 years and 400 hours. It was a gem and probably my Fav boat of all time (I have had many).

    - Check the hull area around the front motor mount for any cracks
    - Check for any significnat water corrosion in the egine area / carbeurator area. If there is, the Carbs could be corroded on the inside and not performing up to par. If you need new Carbs there are some good two stroke shops around that may have a set. is one such shop.

    If this boat was taken care of, at 90 hours, it should have alot of life left. The gas tank is a little small by today's standards, but it will go 60 miles on a tank at a decent clip if you burp all the bubbles out of the tank (right before you ride). Good luck

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    Thanks, John. Any other opinions on this ski?

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    It's a race class winner!! Just took another number 1 at my last race..

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    I still see my old 2002 stx-r around town here once in a while; I am tempted to offer to buy it back! The boat goes about 63 ish stock. If you mill the head a bit and bend the prop a bit you can get it to 66 ish pretty easily. But you know what, I would just ride the boat the way it is. If the boat is in good shape I would offer him 2,900 (ultimately settle at 3,000). That would be fair to buyer and seller.

    Another nice thing about this boat (as compared to the Ultra 150 - I had this boat too), the stx-r has a much better pump. You could put 100+ hours on the pump bearings B 4 you replaced them. On the Ultra 150 you had to replace the pump bearings about 50 hours.

    If this boat has 90 hours you might want to replace the pump bearings soon just to be sure. Not too expensive for a dealer to do that

    It's almost riding season; enjoy your new boat!

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