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    Used GP1300R PV cylinder 60T


    Looking for one good used stock 60T cylinder.

    Ready to use and not iron resleeved
    No Mods like porting or decking.
    I don't need PV hardware or piston but is ok if you sell in combo
    preferably OEM nickasil but let me know what you have.


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    ruffride has one that needs to be re-plated. He's willing to sell cheap.
    PM him

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    Thanks Scittb but I am looking for something ready to use. Good plating

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    we have 1300r cylinders but none were powervalve. came off 1300r efi boat.
    what year 1300 had powervalves? all we have workd on have been non powervalve

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    I believe until 04' they were PV cylinders.

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