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    Polaris Virage I & Yamaha xl1200

    New to the site and fairly new to pwc's. considering a purchase of either a 2003 Direct inject Polaris Virage I or a yamaha xl 1200. The ski will be used mostly on Lake Huron and we'll use it to pull skiers or tubers. Both have low hours and are similar in price. Therefor mostly concerned about reliabilty and ease of repair if (when) something should go wrong. Any recommendations or insights? Thanks.
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    My guess is the Virage will be better on fuel then the Yami,The 1200 FI motor is a very reliable engine with very few maintance issues. Others will chime in soon.

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    Will you be doing your own maintenance and repairs?

    The Virage i is a two cylinder 800cc engine with about 100HP, very economical on fuel (for a PWC). It is fuel injected.

    The Virage hull is stable, even with two people on board. Three is quite doable, but everyone must co-operate to balance the hull when boarding and re-boarding from the water.

    Other brand three seater hulls are similar in this regard. The most stable hulls are the four person models (Polaris Genesis, Yamaha SUV, SeaDOO LRV).

    Low hours are not as important as current mechanical condition. Do a thorough evaluation of any used PWC. Even a brand new PWC can have issues, and after a few years, anything can happen.

    If the engine has been fogged before storage, that is a good sign.

    Click the link below for more info

    The Yamaha XL 1200 will have more power, but will drink more fuel.

    You can find more comments on the Yamaha in the Yamaha forum.

    I think the XL 1200 still used carburetors, but don't quote me on that

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    From what I can find, there was an XLT 1200 in the 2003 model year. Is it like the on in this link?
    2003 XLT 1200 Info

    Did this version of the 1200 have power valves? My understanding on the Yammie's is these are considered a routine maintenance item and must be removed and cleaned periodically My recollection is from when I put a new cylinder on my buddy's GP800 last fall due to a power valve that dropped into the cylinder and scraped the piston and trashed the rings.

    The power valve motors used to have problems with the valves getting slack in them and they would ever so slightly peak into the cylinder bore and WHAMMO, you've toasted a piston.

    The solution to the problem is to install a set of Wave Eater Clips. According to the Wave Eater site, the valve dropping problem was solved by 2003, but there was still a problem of retainer pins sliding out, which the clips prevent as well.

    If you address this issue, I'm sure this could be a very reliable ski. Like K447 said, the Polaris with FFI will be a little more conservative with fuel than the Yammie which has Mikuni SBN 44's on it. Neither will be a particularly playful hull, but they should both be stable for multiple riders.


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    Go the Yammy .Yes ,it will use more fuel .Yes it is much more reliable than the Virage I.Yes it is more stable .My friend has one and has over 500 hrs on it tow surfing etc .Spark plugs are his yearly maintenance cost and yes it doesn't have the electrical issues all 4 of my Virage I ski's have had .


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    Polaris Virage I & Yama xl1200

    Thanks all for your help and suggestions. Greatly appreciated.

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    polaris Virage I & yamaha xl1200

    K447-what do you mean by the engine being fogged before storage? Thanks.

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    fogging the engine, is part of normal winter storage mantince, you spray fogging oil into the motor frew the intakes and down the plug holes to prevent any moisture to cause rust in the motor while stored... this also keeps things lubed up while sitting for so long

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    Polaris Virage I & yamaha xl1200

    Thank you.

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