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    Help with my Rxp

    Hey everyone I'm Nick and im new to the forum. Just purchased an 04 RXP with 81 hrs on it two weeks ago. I just wanna start off by saying this forum rocks, I have learned so much about my ski on here.
    Well anyways I decided to go ahead and do a quick tune up and check everything over before I took it on the water. After I got done doing my oil change and plugs, and checking the blower , I hooked up to the hose to make sure everything was good and recheck my oil level. After looking everything over, I noticed that I have water coming out of where my pump bolts up to the ski around the edges. This doesn't seem normal to me and I'm skeptical about riding it in this condition. If anyone could point me in the right direction, I'd greatly appreciate it.

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    Welcome to Greenhulk Nick!!!!To answer your question,YES that is normal.When tunning the ski on the hose you will have some water come back through the pump area..So no worries..

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    Alright, sounds good man I appreciate the reply. I just thought the water would come all the way through the pump and out the nozzle instead of coming out around the seal where the pump is bolted up. But if all is well I'm ready to throw the thing in the water.

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    If your worried just ride around in the channel for a bit with the seat off looking for leaks. IMO id do this with any new or new to me boat or pwc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dockside View Post
    If your worried just ride around in the channel for a bit with the seat off looking for leaks. IMO id do this with any new or new to me boat or pwc.
    +1 I also do this after every new mod pretty much.

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    Nick, glad to hear all is well with the rxp. I need to do the same (ride around with the seat off the check for leaks) with the gpr

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