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    GP800r PV gone, New ski?

    I have a '04 gp800r. I loved the ski, but the pv servo went and so did the engine (almost still goes 50mph but shop says it doesn't have a long time left). The ski was perfect I could whip it around, yet it was still easy enough for friends and family to learn how to ride on (fairly stable with the Y.A.S.). I have an FZR that I play on too, but I want to find another ski with the same versitility as the old gp, pref under 3k, and still looks somewhat new (not the really old looking 95 and down. gp1200?). Any thoughts... I like jumping boat wakes occasionally does the 1200 have weak hull issues?

    ps I am a yamaha guy open to other suggestions however... and I want to stay away from PV (I don't want to do this again).

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    where are you located

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