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    Oooohhh mmmmaaaaannn!!!

    so got two too old polirs for free right 700 and a 900 the 700 got that oversized pistons and jugs and was left in storage for 4 years in a feild with the seat on so i had to rebuild the motor but the problem is i forgot witch way the pistons and jugs go lol we got one in to day but the motor was pretty hard too turn and left this line where it looks like metal too metal contact but idk anyone got a manual or something? lol

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    what years?

    im a little unclear is to wha you are asking..

    you are rebuilding the 700 twin correct?

    the jug is pretty explanitory..the exaust port goes where the exaust is..

    you want to lube the inside of the cylinder, the rings and the piston its self... so there is no damaging of the cylinders.

    did youcompress the the rings in right spot?

    when you took the motor apart was there any rust on the crank rods? or case?

    before you took it apart what was the reasoning for the rebuild? did it crank at all?

    can you get pictures of the marks you are talking about

    is your battery fully charged

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    Welcome to the Hulk

    We have lots of info available around here.

    The more clear info you can provide, the better.

    It sounds like you may not have aligned the piston ring end gaps with the small locating pins in the piston grooves.

    It is important to installed the cylinders using the correct method. The exhaust manifold is used to align the cylinders before torquing the cylinder base nuts.

    Loosely install the cylinders, attached the exhaust manifold, then torque the cylinder base down to specification.

    Remove the exhaust, apply sealant, and reinstall and torque to spec.

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    The Exhaust port on the cylinders face the opisite of the intake and the Arrow on the top of the piston points out the exhaust port away for the intake side.
    This is a photo of a polaris RMK 700 snow mobile engine but it shows the way the cylinders are bolted on.

    this pics shows the way pistons should be look at the top at the arrow facing out the exhaut port.

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