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    Seadoo 787 Miller / Buckshot head

    Guys I have a Buckshot head with 43cc domes. I just put a new topend on the ski and lost a cageless bearing in the intake and paid the price for it. Now I have a shell with 1 good dome and I am looking for options. I dont think anyone makes these domes anymore do they. What can I do can this be repaired?

    Also I cant post in the WTB classifieds if anyone has one or a set for sale please PM me! I would also consider race gas domes if I cant find 43cc.

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    If you have a good machine shop with a tig welder close to you then they should be able to tig it up and remachine it for you. I Have repaired alot of these due to their unavailabilty such as yours.

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    They are around, i just picked up a pair of 43cc miller domes last week for $75.

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