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Thread: triton elite

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    triton elite

    Anyone have any prices for a Triton elite WC-1 thats the long, single place version..
    i think it was 1530+ the box which was about 325... this was with a wheel upgrade.

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    hmm, sounds like full list price.
    if my memory is right, i'd inquired about the same trailer and got a similar # but in canadian $ from my nearest dealer (in canada). this tells me that you are not getting a great price, but if buying at near list is OK, then you're not getting ripped off either.
    I definitely recommend torsion bar axles, i don't know if they charge extra for that as they shouldn't as the cost is nearly the same.
    if you don't know, torsion axles are a better ride, much much quieter, much less to rust, near zero maintenance, and cleaner looking too.

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    Triton does charge more for the torsion axle Elite models, which not only have a reinforced frame (above the axle) and an extended frame and tongue, but also SS bolt hardware and some other upgrades.

    The Triton Elite is a nice trailer, and torsion axles are much better than leaf springs.

    I recommend installing good quality LED lights all around. Check all the lamp connections for tightness, then don't worry about the trailer lighting for years.

    Do check the lights every time you hook up, but they should all work, every time.

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    Retail on the Elite WC1 with the 145R/12E tire with aluminum wheels is 1651.00 (09 prices) 1530 is not a unresonable price as they may have had to pay frieght unless they ordered several trailers for free frieght

    options from triton
    Tongue Jack retail is 55.00 get this from Northern tools for 20 bucks
    Aluminum Box retail is 325.00 I do not like the box from Triton I would not buy it

    so retail for these options and trailer is 2031.00

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    ouch, its just a single trailer... i would rather have that double axle dual trailer for 3k

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