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    2004 RXP sale help

    Hey guys,
    I was just wondering what you guys thought about this 2004 RXP a local is selling. I thought it was high, what do you guys think? And any idea what is a fair price?

    Also, it says 74 hoursa of run time. is there anything I would need to change/replace at the 100 hour mark? He claims that the stage 3 only has 2 hours on it.

    Here is the add:

    Thanks guys.

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    yes thats HIGH!
    I just bough one last fall 53 hrs on it for $5000 USD with a dual trailer.

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    it doesn't look like a real stage 3 either. just from the one picture it had the factory sponsons on it.

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    Thanks guys....if i decide to offer a price what do you think is fair?

    Also, is there anything I will need to replace at the 100 hour mark? Just so I am aware of possible replacement parts I may need to buy.


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    Walk away from it. If hes asking that much to start with, more than likely, he cant be reasoned with. Its not worth the time IMO

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