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    Help with my Tunnel.. is this oem???

    Well i have the engine out of my 04 rxp. just got done redoing the gelcoat on the bottom. i noticed this entire area looks sketchy. is this normal looking for an 04? i did buy it used with about 15hrs on it.... again no spider cracks or any apparent damage on the outside of the hull.
    I am going to add some glass to this area. is it ok to take the silicone off and glass over that? I am assuming that is for the bolts on the intake grate?

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    I cannot say that it has or hasnt been messed with before you got it but it looks like it hasn't. I can tell you that I too own an 04 and the fiberglass in the same area on my boat doesnt look that good either.

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    ok, that makes me feel somewhat better... im still gonna reglass that place.

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    That last pic looks like something tried to come through the tunnel from the outside. How does the pump tunnel look on the outside?.......ok I see now were you said no damage on the outside.

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    to me it just looks like the fiberglass wasnt matted down very well when it was made...maybe it was made on a friday?? Seadoo is famous for leaving little finger cutters like that in the hulls! Thats one thing I love about my GPR!

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    mine looks exactly the same and i won a 2003 gtx.

    my question though is the following... those glues above the nuts is it necessary to be there ? because after washing my hull these have been removed and i see the bolts. should i do anything with them ?

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    the outside was fine. now the insides fine i put a few layers of the heavy weave and epoxied it all down... all smooth now... maybe she willnt sink now.. ahha

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