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    97 XP perfomance help. Nozzle, Carb Jet, Prop, Flame arrestors/aircleaner

    Hey Guys

    I just picked up a 97 XP to add to my 95 xp. My goal is to have a quick ski to do a buoy course at our local lake. I want something that handles well and has good overall power.

    All stock the ski GPSed at 54.1 MPH. Ski speedo read 54mph

    I added a R&D intake grate, cleaned the carbs, fuel filter, adjusted them to open fully etc. Went out last weekend in some rough water and the speedo still read 53-54 mph pretty easy. I never GPSed it but it looked the same as the ski did on smooth water before I started playing with it.

    Today I added a Solas Concord prop, new wear ring, and a nozzle that a local ski performance shop sold me off a later ski. I'm not sure what it was off of but its about 1.5 inches longer and they said it would definitely help the 97. The nozzle has a smaller ID but slightly longer length.

    I took it out and on glassy water and GPS 51.4MPH. I'm a little disappointed. The ski feels a little better from a stop but not the difference I was looking for. The top end seems labored and weak.

    Should I go back to the larger ID nozzle? Is this from the concord prop? I thought it would have better acceleration and slightly better top end.

    I should also say today was the first time I was able to do a good plug reading. Its definitely lean at full throttle. The power ring on the plug was completely white! Heat range and timing are way out in left field but could be due to lack of fuel. Are there any recommended Jets for these carbs on this ski?? Good place to buy a Jet kit? The engine is completely stock right now other than the oil injection pump has been bypassed.

    My last question. Is it worth it to do aftermarket flame arrestors. I've got a wholesale account with K&N. Are they worth the money or is there a better option out there.

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    I lied! One more question. I was also thinking of doing a head.. Is the bump in compression worth it? I run 93 in all my ski's anyway.

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    i dont know which r&d intake you got, but a top loader intake grate will slow you down in smooth water but should keep you hooked up better in the chop. I also don't think the concord is what you should've got. skat-trak swirl for holeshot or a solas xo for all around. you will need to tell us which exit diameter nozzle you have. I would put some proks,tai-ceti, or the k&n race filters on but just make sure to rejet. save the head mill for when it's time for a top-end. 89 or 93 octane will not make a difference with a stock head. make sure you get a bilge pump in that hull before adding open arrestors.

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    Like jersey785 mentioned the intake will lower your top speed. This is a sacrifice made for hook in chop.

    The smaller nozzle may be lowering your top speed because it is creating more pressure in the pump. This will higher pressure is not allowing the engine to rev as fast or as high. It may be a good mod with a more modified engine, but right now it may be hurting you. The only way to know for sure is to switch it out and see.

    What is the pitch of the prop and what was the stock?


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    Thanks for the response guys!

    I'm not sure what the stock prop pitch is, it was a stock 97 XP 787 prop The new prop was supposed to be a concord prop for the same ski. I brought them the pump and had them swap it because I didn't have a prop tool. I'll find out for sure and get back to you.

    Took the carbs apart and they where gummed up bad again. I cleaned them up again and I'm replacing all the stock lines as they are whats causing the gumming up. They are pretty rotten on the inside.

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    Does you fuel gauge work? The reason I ask is becuase it if it doesn't, fixing it while you are doing your fuel lines would be easier. I pull the baffle and clean it when I do fuel lines. Also, to save you some time if you don't know, you need about 5' of 5/16 fuel line and 15' or so of 1/4 line. I can't remember how much 1/4 exactly but I bought 20' and had some left over. As cheap as it is, I would buy 20' and have some leftover for other stuff.

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    Cleaned the carbs again, replaced all the fuel lines and shes back up to 54.6 mph. The prop didn't pickup any top end but it feels much better out of the hole. It also feels more loaded on the top end, definitely not as many RPM but won't know for sure until i get a tach (tiny tach on the way).

    Also went back and forth on the nozzle and couldn't really tell much of a difference.

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    The solas concord is a swirl type just like a scat swirl. I had a 17/22 swirl in a 97xp and it gave it alot better bottom and mid range. Those prop usually lose 1-2mph but they hook up and run better in chop.

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