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    oil filter lid problem 08 rxtx

    does anyone know how to take off the lid for the oil filter off a 2008 rxtx, I removed the bolt that I thought was holding the lid on, however after removal it is still on very tight. Any help would be appreciated thanks

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    You must very gently pry up the cap.... Use a screw driver and work your way around the cap, never twice in the same spot.. Good luck..

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    I large pair of channel locks (plyers) works well, gently wiggle it back and forth working it up and loose.

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    I have heard people say loosen off the bolt that hold the lid on about a qurter inch, put a rag over top and hit the start button, the pressure should pop it up but not off due to the screw not being taken out..then it should come out easier

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    after you get it off, buy the newer lid it comes off when you take the bolt out as one assembly.

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    Use a round punch that will fit in cap. Put it in the hole then crank it from side to side and it will come off.
    IF you use a screw driver to pry under neath cap then be sure to check if you damage the o ring. If you do, replace it.

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    I had a hell of a time with mine, but eventually it came off from prying it with a screwdriver. I had an extra o-ring (and will always from now on when doing an oil change) so it didn't matter much if I damaged it. I think I'm going to find one of those strap-type oil filter removers and try that next time.

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    DONT mess up the O ring unless you have an extra then you can go to town with a screw driver

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    HOW IMPORTANT IS THE TOP ORING, IT SEAMS SO THIN like it a nusance leak stopper. the first thick one seams like it does all the sealing?

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    Quote Originally Posted by m1dtom View Post
    HOW IMPORTANT IS THE TOP ORING, IT SEAMS SO THIN like it a nusance leak stopper. the first thick one seams like it does all the sealing?
    Exactly ... I have not used a top ring for years, no worries on removing that one.

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