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    Question What ski to buy on my budget?

    He guys, I have a buyer ligned up to buy my Polaris SL700 and want to buy something newer/more reliable. My budget is $5000 and I want to find a good deal on a lightly used ski (Im in Ohio). I came across this:

    I like Hondas history but know very little about their watercraft. I also love the idea of turbo. The main thing I want to avoid is sinking money into it after I buy it. I lost my butt on my Polaris and want something rock solid that I wont have to worry about. Any input/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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    If you want something rock solid, try a savings account.

    Seriously, unless there is a warranty, used PWC are a gamble—but having said that, it looks like a great choice; Hondas are cute and playful little skis and they are reliable for most people. Unfortunately nobody buys them, and as a result they have suspended making Honda PWC this year, but they do seem reliable.

    My only complaint about the ones I have ridden is the annoying cavitation, turbo lag kills hole shot, and the footwells fill with water, which can make the craft unstable. This is not a good craft for rough water in my opinion.

    If you get the need for more speed later when that Sea-Doo passes you, you might find it harder to mod the Honda. You might want to post over on the Honda board and ask them too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 03stage2 View Post
    ...I want to avoid is sinking money into it after I buy it...
    Always set aside a portion of the total budget for unexpected expenses or repairs.

    Decide what portion of the total budget will be spent on the purchase, and how much it might need to check it over thoroughly (or paying a tech to do so).

    Engine hours and external condition are good indicators, but are not the final word on actual engine health.

    Research what the common weak points are on the model(s) on your short list. Have a plan to check those items, or make the necessary upgrades to improve reliability.

    On the Honda models, part of the deal is that they are not popular, so dealer and aftermarket support is thin. The Honda PWC forums tend to have less activity.

    Every brand and just about every model has some important things to know. Do your research.

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    If you want reliability, a 53MPH top speed and as to be on the water as much as possible, choose the Yamaha VX. 4GPH=ftw

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    The Yamaha VX is a very good ski and is very good on gas (89 regular gas)

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    How about a 15F? 60 MPH, great hole shot for a NA craft, great on fuel, and a fun hull to play around

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    any seadoo with 155hp motor. there bullit proof. i had the 155hp motor and to sum it up it had 100hrs of WOT and still had 175 compression in all 3 cylinders...

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    What conditions do you ride in? This makes a HUGE difference in recommended ski.

    -that said...for trouble free operation and all around good feel I think the Kawi 15F for the $5k would be a good choice.

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    A little over your budget but I just found a left over '08 new Kawasaki 15F for $6500 and trust me they are reliable. My first one had 380 hours on it when I screwed it up by letting the impeller unscrew and toast the engine, then upon rebuild the valve decided to go bouncing around in the cylinder. All my fault.

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    You should buy a Tigershark.

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