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    Best price on PWC insurance in South Florida?

    Who has the best price on PWC insurance in South Florida?


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    I saved 50% over Progressive by going with Markel Marine.

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    Just got my renewal.

    $400 at progressive.

    liability,bodily,property,includes fuel spill$100,000 Each Person/$300,000 Each Accident

    unisured boater $100,000 Each Person/$300,000 Each Accident

    medical payments $5,000 each person

    comprehensive $250 deducible value set at $8500

    collison $250 deductible value set at $8500

    included with comprehensive and collision:
    wreckage removal
    marine electronics $500 deduct
    trailer $250 deduct

    coastal navigation 75 nautical miles included
    replacement cost personal effects $1,000 $250 deduct

    roadside assistance included

    Be carefull with some insurance companys when i was looking 4 years ago. They would not cover theft if your ski was on the water and what not. Geico at the time told me the ski would have to be in a locked inclosure like a garage in order for them to cover theft.

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