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    Angry help.... whats wrong

    i just recently aquired a seadoo hx. it runs great on the hose with the excption of a couple of sudders when u wot. but when its in the lake it will go and run for like 3mins and then wont stay running or wont crank.
    any help will be much apprecated

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    Fuel Lines

    First thought - check all of your fuel lines and if they are gray TAKE THEM OUT AND REPLACE THEM! The gray hoses break down and coat everything (carbs, fuel switch, etc) with a blue/green slime that causes all kinds of bad shit to happen. And yes, after you replace the fuel lines you need to clean everything they were connected to...except for the fuel switch...IMO don't even mess with it, just buy a new one.

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    What do you mean wont crank? Motor wont spin at all or just wont re start?

    How many times have you run on the lake where it did this?

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    mas infomacion, por favor.

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    it turns over but wont start. i will check the fuel lines.

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