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    No Thermostat

    2004 Freedom with a SBT short block I installed about a year ago. The stat was worn so I left it out. When I back flush I reach under and plug the water outlet to force flow backwards. Been doing this for over a year so-far, so-good. It seems without the stat the water runs strait out the outlet while backflushing. This ski is run in salt and brackish water. Any problems running without the stat?

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    As long as you always remember to unplug the water exit after flushing, and do not ride in really cold water, there should be no problems.

    The thermostat helps maintain optimal operating temperature for the engine, about 143F.

    Colder makes for less efficient engine operation, and excessive cooling in cold water runs the risk of cold piston seizure, which is bad for the engine.

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    Thanks for the information. The coldest water we ride in is around 70 degrees.

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